Effective, Tuesday, October 1, 2013, a fee will be charged for use of the Wedgemere Parking Lot.

• The fee will be $1.00 per hour, with a maximum charge of $5.00 per day. The fee will be in effect between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

• All users of the lot must pay the fee. Town of Winchester parking permits are not accepted in the lot.

• Payment will be made at pay stations located at the train station. The lot will be pay-by-space. You must park in a designated, numbered, space.

Directions as follows: 1. Park Vehicle 2. Note Space Number 3. Proceed to Pay Station located at train station. 4. Pay For Desired Time 5. Keep Receipt of Payment No Need to Display Ticket on Vehicle Dashboard

• Fees will also be able to be paid using a mobile device. More information is provided on the other side of this sheet.

• Vehicles not parked in a designated, numbered space, or who exceed paid time limits, will be subject to ticketing by the Winchester Police Department.

Questions and Answers

Q: I arrive at the station before 7 AM. How will I pay the parking fee?
A: You will be able to prepay parking fees at the machine or on-line before 7 AM.

Q: I have a Town of Winchester parking permit. Can I use this in the lot?
A: No. Town permits are not valid in the Wedgemere Lot. You must pay the fee. You may, however, park on Bacon Street, with a Town permit.

Q: Will the machine accept credit cards?
A: The machine will accept Visa and Mastercard, $1 and $5 bills. No change will be given.

Q: Do I have to go back to my car and put a ticket in the windshield to show that I have paid?
A: No. You should hold on to your receipt. Payment information is stored in the machine.

Q: I put time on the machine, but now I need more. Can I add time?
A: Yes, you can add time either at the machine, or remotely using the mobile parking app .



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