Board of Library Trustees

Board Members

  • Victoria Garcia-Albea
    Term expires 2026
  • Wendy Karle
    Term expires 2025
  • Angela Murdough
    Term expires 2026

  • Jane Murray
    Term expires 2024
  • David H. Coughlan
    Term expires 2025

Town Charter, Section 3-6

(a) Composition; Term of Office – There shall be a board of library trustees consisting of five members elected for three-year terms, so arranged that as nearly an equal number of terms as possible shall expire each year.

(b) Powers and Duties – The board of library trustees shall have the custody and management of the library and of all property of the town related thereto. All money raised or appropriated by the town for its support and maintenance shall be expended by the board, and all money or property that the town may receive by gift or bequest shall be administered by the board in accordance with the provisions of such gift or bequest. The board of library trustees shall have all of the powers and duties given to boards of library trustees under the constitution and general laws of the Commonwealth, and such additional powers and duties as may be authorized by the charter, by bylaw or by other town meeting vote.


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