Town Agreements with Eversource

The Winchester Select Board has entered into a several agreements with Eversource related to construction of the 345kV line. These agreements include a variety of mitigation items related to the short and long-term impacts from the project. A summary of the relevant documents is provided below, including links to the full documents.    

Date Executed
Mitigation Items
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
$200,000 towards the implementation of “one or more traffic calming measures within the Cross Street corridor to mitigate existing traffic and pedestrian impacts….” Mitigation payments made to the Town per the milestone schedule outlined in the agreement. (see Section 7)
MOU Amendment #1
Washington Street Park License Agreement
Restoration and improvement of the park including: installation of sod in lieu of seeding of the Licensed Area, installation of irrigation system in the Park, planting of trees as directed by the DPW Director. (see Section 6)
Washington Street Park License Agreement - Amendment
Pay a fee of $50,000 for use of the licensed area through November 15, 2023 and a fee of $5000 per month thereafter. Agreement expires Jan 15, 2024
Davidson Park License Agreement
Pay a fee of $200,000 to support improvements at Leonard Field through the agreement expiration date of Dec 31, 2023. Pay an additional $5000 per month in the event that the agreement term is extended.