Archival Center

The Center

The Archival Center is the home of Winchester’s historical documents. Collecting and preserving materials that document all aspects of Winchester history and the lives of its residents, it is a resource for anyone engaged in research into Winchester history. The Center facilitates access to the information contained within the collections by keeping open hours, offering the services of a reference archivist to assist with questions, and posting written histories, guides, and links for finding further information.


Research Assistance

For help with your questions, ask the Archivist or try the links provided (in the red box) to get to the right department for answers, whether it’s birth certificates, cemetery records, or something else. Foreign correspondents may need to contact the Archivist via LinkedIn.

Winchester Archives Online Catalog

To learn more about Winchester’s history and what is available at the Archival Center, check out the Archival Center’s online catalog. Since the catalog is a work in progress, please contact the Reference Archivist with any additional questions. For further information, click here.

Archives Exhibits

Visitors to Town Hall may view a changing exhibit of selected items from our collection on display outside the Town Clerk’s office and also see changing news and views from the Archival Center on our bulletin board located outside the Center.