Personal Exemptions

Under state law there are several categories of persons who may be eligible for a personal exemption or reduction in their property tax. The law provides exemptions for the categories listed below. 

  • Blind - Clause 37A
  • Elderly - Clause 41C
  • Minor Child of Deceased Parent, Surviving Spouse, Over 70 - Clause 17D
  • Tax Deferral - Clause 41A
  • Veterans - Clause 22

Exemptions are granted for 1 year only. An application must be filed each year. The qualifying date for personal exemptions is July 1 of the fiscal year to which it pertains.

When & How to Apply

All applications for personal exemptions must be filed in the Assessor's Office within 3 months of the mailing date of the 3rd quarter tax bills. Forms are available in the Assessor's Office.