Licenses & Permits

The following licenses and permits are available from the Fire Department All fees became effective March 1, 2001 and are subject to change:

Permit / Document Type
Ambulance Incident Report, Copy
Blasting of Rock
False Alarm Response Due to Faulty Alarm System (After 3rd occurrence in calendar year)
Fire Incident Report, Copy $10
Fireworks Event Permit


Type Fee
Day Care Facility $50
Fire Alarm System Installation, 1-2 Dwelling Units $100
Fire Alarm System Installation, 3-5 Dwelling Units $150
Fire Alarm System Installation, 6-25 Dwelling Units $500
Fire Alarm System Installation, 26 or More Dwelling Units $500 base plus $12 per unit
Fire Alarm System Installation, Commercial Building $100
Fire Pumps, Sprinkler Systems, Standpipes $100
Quarterly Inspection - Hospital $250
Quarterly Inspection - Nursing Home $50
Master Fire Alarm Box Connection to Building and Monitoring Service $250 annually
Moving Building Through town Requiring Fire Alarm Construction Labor Entire cost of labor
Oil Burner Installation or Alteration $50

Plan Review

Review Type
Amended Site Plan Review
Building Plan Review, Less than 10 Pages $50
Building Plan Review, 10 Pages or More $75
Fire Sprinkler System $50
Site Plan Review $50

Storage & Tanks

Type Fee
Flammable Fluids, Solids, or Gases Storage $50
Flammable Liquid Tank Installation $100
Gun Powder and Small Arms Ammunition Storage $50
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Tanks Installation $50
Underground Storage Tank Removal or Relocation $200
Tank Truck Approval Permit $50
Tank Truck Exemption Certificated $35