Winchester Health Regulations

In addition to upholding State and Federal regulations involving the protection of public health and the environment, the Board of Health has adopted regulations governing the following areas:

  • Animal Regulations - Keeping of animals, such as horses, sheep, goats, pigs, etc., requires a permit.
  • Asbestos Removal - Asbestos removal requires a permit from both the State Department of Environmental Protection and the Winchester Health Department.
  • Dumpster Regulations - In order to maintain a dumpster, a permit must be obtained from the Health Department.
  • Food Establishments / Food Service - All food service establishments (restaurants), food retailers (convenience and grocery stores), and food events must be permitted to operate.
  • Hazardous Waste - These regulations protect public health and safety from the risks posed by hazardous waste contamination.
  • Landfill Regulations - Any person who places more than one 30-yard truckload of fill on their property must obtain a permit from the Health Department.
  • Massage Therapy - The Board of Health permits every person who engages in the practice of massage therapy and permits every establishment where therapists practice.
  • Power Sanding - It is illegal to power-sand a structure that contains lead paint.
  • Retail Sale of Tobacco Products - The Board of Health conducts compliance checks for the sale of tobacco and permits retailers.
  • Tanning - To operate a tanning facility that utilizes equipment emitting ultra-violet radiation (tanning beds), a permit is required.
  • Transportation of Rubbish - Transporting rubbish through the Town of Winchester requires a permit from the Board of Health (Transfer Station Stickers).
  • Waterfowl - Feeding waterfowl in the town is prohibited.
  • Well Permits - Installation of a well requires a permit from the Health Department.