News & Announcements

Town Center Rezone Draft Released
​The Planning Department and the Planning Board have released a draft version of the Center Business District rezone and can be found here. Resident feedback is sought through public meetings, online, and various forums for the purpose of properly vetting the ideas and concepts of the zoning effecting town center. Please go to the town center website or you can email the Town Planner, Brian Szekely, directly at

Town Center Parking Study

The town's parking management study is completed and being implemented. 
Upcoming Studies & Work for 2014-2015
Phase II of the Comprehensive Master Plan
This second section of the master plan will included chapters on:
  • Circulation and Transportation (vehicles, bicycles, train, bus, and pedestrian movement)
  • Infrastructure (facilities and services, such as utilities, roadways, transfer station, etc. provided by the community)
  • Open Space and Recreation
  • Governance
  • Land Use
  • Action Plan (recommendations for what board or commission would be responsible for recommended actions)