Town Center Parking Study

November 2010. The town's parking management consultant, Nelson / Nygaard, has submitted a draft final report for the Winchester Town Center Parking Study. The study was sponsored jointly by the Planning Board and the Board of Selectmen. The Parking Study Steering Committee will be discussing the findings and recommendations of the study with Town Center businesses, property owners, Town Center residents, town boards and departments, and interested citizens over the next months.
In October of 2010, the Town of Winchester, through the Office of the Town Manager, will retain a consultant to conduct a Town Center Parking Study for the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board. The town invites interested and qualified consultants to submit a proposal.

Study Objectives
The objectives of the Town Center parking study are to develop information on:
  1. Parking supply and demand in the Winchester Town Center
  2. Parking management options, including pricing, enforcement, and changes to physical parking capacity such as consolidation or expansion of the following:
    • Existing parking areas
    • Changes to on-street parking supply and policies
    • Changes to lot parking supply and policies
    • Uses and availability of satellite parking
    • Criteria for considering the construction of additional parking lots, spaces, garages, or decks
Effectively Meeting Parking Needs
Winchester intends to use the study as the basis for developing a parking management plan that will more effectively meet the parking needs of Town Center visitors; clients and shoppers; municipal and private sector employers; and their employees, senior citizens, students, Winchester residents, Winchester commuters, and out-of-town commuters.

Providing Important Input
The results of the parking study will provide input to subsequent efforts to craft a broader Town Center development plan that considers future commercial and residential development with the intent to enhance the vibrancy and economic development of the Town Center.