Transfer Station Permits

Transfer station permits are required for every vehicle that transports refuse to the Winchester Transfer Station. Residential permits are issued to residents only, and may be purchased for any or all vehicles registered to residents living in the same household. Permits are required for every vehicle that transports rubbish to the town’s Transfer Station. Winchester is launching a new digital license plate reader program in January 2024 you will no longer be receiving a permit from the Clerk or a sticker at the station.  The Annual Town Census will include a flyer that explains the new program, costs and how to purchase access to the Transfer Station in 2024.  

Applications & Forms

Eligibility for Reduced Fee Transfer Station Permits

The Town of Winchester announces the eligibility requirements to obtain a low income transfer station permit. Low-income permits are available for residents who qualify at a cost of $30 per household. Only 1 sticker shall be provided. Citizens must provide proof that they are eligible for fuel assistance, through the Action for Boston Community Development (18 Dartmouth Street, Malden, MA) as a qualifying factor or provide the following:

  • A signed 2024 census form, to prove residency and size of household
  • A copy of “Eligibility Notification” for the current year Fuel Assistance Program from Tri-Community Action Program, Inc.
  • Income-tax returns, bank statements, Social Security statements, pay-check stubs, or any other evidence that shows the total combined income for all family members for the previous tax year.

Qualifying Factors

Household Size
Yearly Combined Income
1 $45,392
2 $59,359
3 $73,326
4 $87,294
Over 5
Call for amount

Action for Boston Community Development
18 Dartmouth Street
Malden, MA 02148
Fuel Assistance: 781-322-6284
Energy Conservation: 781-322-4190
Fx: 781-324-5303