Dog Licenses

Dog License Application

Apply for a dog license online.

Dog license applications are mailed to each household during the month of January every year. The deadline to license dogs is April 15. Dogs may be licensed online by clicking the link above. You may license a new dog online as long as you fax in the dog's rabies certificate. For each license, the following is needed:

  • Current rabies vaccination certificate showing the expiration date
  • $20 for each dog if it has not been spayed or neutered
  • $15 for each spayed or neutered dog
  • Certificate of spaying or neutering is required, if not already on file with the Town Clerk

Highlights of Leash & Animal Litter Laws

  • All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed at 6 months of age.
  • All dogs must be licensed every year. Dog owners are subject to fines of up to $50 if dogs are not licensed
  • A 24 hour leash law is enforced
  • Owners of dogs that produce nuisance barking, howling, and/or biting will be subject to citation and fine
  • No person shall keep more than 3 dogs over the age of 3 months
  • No kennel licenses are permitted (Code of Bylaws, Chapter 10)
  • All animal litter left on sidewalks, on public property, or on private property not owned by the dog owner, must be removed and disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • Dog owners are subject to fines up to $75 for non-compliance with this bylaw (Code of Bylaws, Chapter 8)