Vital Records

Access the online resource to order a copy of a record online.

Application for Vital Record (pdf)
Please see information below for required documentation

Certified copies of the following vital records are available from the Town Clerk's Office for a fee of $20:

  • Birth - Persons whose parents lived in Winchester at the time of their birth OR persons whose birth occurred in Winchester
  • Marriage - Persons who filed their Intentions of Marriage (obtained their marriage license) in Winchester
  • Death - Persons who died in Winchester OR who died in Massachusetts and listed Winchester as their place of residence at the time of passing.

If you wish to order a certified copy of a vital record to be picked up at the Town Clerk's Office, include the following information:

  • Date of occurrence
  • Name(s) on the record
  • Number of copies at $20 each
  • Date to be picked up

Requests for copies may be made through the mail by writing to the Town Clerk and including the following information:

  • Date of occurrence
  • Name(s) on the record
  • Number of copies at $20 each
  • Check payable to Town of Winchester
  • A stamped, self-addressed envelope

Records Requiring Identification

A birth record is not accessible to the general public if the parents were unmarried at the time the child was born (and have not since married and amended the birth record), or if the father's name does not appear on the record. When this is true, only the mother, father (if listed), or child may request a certificate. Identification will be required. Identification is not required for other records.

Urgent Mail Requests

You may use an express or overnight service to send your request. Include a prepaid envelope of the same type for express or overnight return. Choose Express Mail for online purchases only.

The Massachusetts State Registry of Vital Records and Statistics can also provide certificates for Winchester or any other Massachusetts community. Follow the link to their website for more information.

Certifications & Apostille

A certification or legalization is generally necessary for documents which leave the United States.