Elected Boards

  1. Board of Assessors

    Learn about the Board of Assessors.

  2. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is responsible for the formulation and enforcement of rules and regulations affecting the environment and public health.

  3. Board of Library Trustees

    The Winchester Public Library is a dynamic community resource that endeavors to improve the quality of life for its library patrons.

  4. Planning Board

    The Planning Board is responsible for administering the Subdivision Control Law, drafting zoning bylaw revisions, undertaking planning studies within the town, and revising and updating the town's comprehensive master plan.

  5. School Committee

    The general policy of the Winchester School Committee is to maintain a public school system that will prepare the individual through organized learning activities for effective participation in society.

  6. Town Meeting

    Town meetings are held in the spring and fall each year with the duly elected town meeting members to vote on town business.

  7. Winchester Housing Authority

    The Housing Authority is authorized to manage the construction, financing, maintenance, and rental policies of low-cost housing for low-income families and the elderly.