Appointed Boards

  1. Audit Advisory Committee

    The Board of Selectmen has established an Audit Advisory Committee to assist them in their oversight of the annual financial audit.

  2. Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and decides applications for special permits, petitions for variances from the terms of the zoning bylaws, site plan approvals as mandated by the zoning ordinance, and appeals from decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

  3. Cable Advisory Committee

    This committee advises the Board of Selectmen about cable television services and contract issues.

  4. Capital Planning Committee

    This committee annually assists the town manager in the preparation of a capital improvement program.

  5. Climate Action Advisory Committee

    The purpose of committee is to monitor the progress of Winchester's public, residential, commercial and industrial sectors in achieving the goals and initiatives set forth in Winchester's Climate Action Plan.

  6. Commissioners of Trust Funds

    The commissioners manage all trust funds given or bequeathed for the benefit of the town or its inhabitants, unless the donor has otherwise provided.

  7. Committee on Government Regulations

    A standing committee of the Town Meeting, the committee reviews and recommends revisions to the bylaws as needed.

  8. Committee on Names

    The committee evaluates suggestions for the naming of public places and structures.

  9. Committee on Rules

    A standing committee of the Town Meeting, this committee provides continuing oversight of the business, conduct, and procedures of the Town Meeting, proposing changes as it is deems necessary.

  10. Community Access & Media, Inc.

    This committee is in charge of the media access for the community.

  11. Conservation Commission

    The commission has responsibility for the preservation of open space and implementation of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Winchester Wetlands Bylaw.

  12. Constable

    The constable is appointed by the Board of Selectmen to serve the town.

  13. Council on Aging

    Mandated by the State Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Federal Administration on Aging, the council’s duties are to total needs and resources of the town’s elderly population.

  14. Cultural Council

    The Cultural Council establishes guidelines for the local use of arts lottery funds, determines if applications comply with those guidelines and, and awards funds.

  15. Design Review Committee

    The committee reviews and advises on site improvements, visual design, and façade changes within the town when requested by the Board of Selectmen or the Planning Board.

  16. Disability Access Commission

    The Disability Access Commission's mission is to protect the rights and facilitate the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of community life within Winchester.

  17. Educational Facilities Planning & Building

    The EFPBC is charged with the preparation and periodic adjustment of the school facilities master plan.

  18. Energy Management Committee

    The Energy Management Committee (EMC) is charged by the Board of Selectmen with advising and assisting the Town of Winchester in the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy related cost-saving measures for municipal buildings, facilities, and infrastructure.

  19. Field Management Committee

    This committee reviews and oversees the use and maintenance of the play-fields and makes recommendations for improvements to the fields and recreational green space.

  20. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee (FinCom) is one of five standing committees of Town Meeting, it is comprised of 15 residents appointed by the chair of the Board of Selectmen, the chair of the Finance Committee and the town moderator.

  21. Greenway Initiative Committee

    The purpose of the Greenway Initiative Committee is analyzing, establishing, planning and distributing grant funds to create a bike path system in the Town of Winchester.

  22. Heritage District Commission

    Each Heritage District Commission shall have five regular members and two alternate members.

  23. Historical Commission

    Gain more information on the role of the Historical Commission in Winchester.

  24. Housing Partnership Board

    Discover who sits on Housing Partnership Board and the function of said board.

  25. Open Space & Recreation Committee

    Review those members currently serving on the Open Space and Recreation Committee.

  26. Permanent Street Tree Committee

    Learn more about the focus of the Permanent Street Tree Committee.

  27. Personnel Board

    Access the Personnel Board resource to learn more about what purpose it serves in the community.

  28. Registrars of Voters

    Learn more about the Registrars of Voters and what they do.

  29. Retirement Board

    Learn about the function of the Winchester Retirement Board.

  30. Senior Citizen Tax Committee

    Review who is currently sitting on the Senior Citizen Tax Committee.

  31. Town Forest Committee

    Discover the duties and responsibilities of the Town Forest Committee.

  32. Town Manager Advisory Recycling Committee

    Access information regarding the role of the Town Manager Advisory Recycling Committee in Winchester.

  33. Town Retiree Health Insurance Advisory Commmittee

    Town Meeting committee

  34. Traffic Advisory Committee

    The Traffic Advisory Committee issues advisory opinions to the Winchester Board of Selectmen on all citizen requests pertaining to traffic matters, such as the installation of stop signs and crosswalks.

  35. Wildwood Cemetery Advisory Committee

    Discover the purpose of the Wildwood Cemetery Advisory Committee.

  36. Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy

    Discover who currently serves on the Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy.