Capital Planning Committee

Committee Members
  • Helen Philliou, Chair
    Term expires 2017
  • C. David Carlson
    Finance Committee Representative
  • Elizabeth M. Cregger
    Planning Board Representative
  • Roger McPeek
     Term expires 2018

  • James J. Johnson
    Term expires 2016
  • Brian Vernaglia
    Finance Committee Representative
  • Christian Nixon
     School Committee Representative
About the Committee
The committee consists of 7 members and serve 3-year terms (Board of Selectmen appointed only). Members are appointed as follows:
  • 1 appointed by the Planning Board from among its members
  • 1 appointed by the School Committee
  • 2 appointed by the Finance Committee, at least 1 of whom is from among it members
  • 3 appointed by the Board of Selectmen
This committee annually assists the town manager in the preparation of a capital improvement program. It makes recommendations on the capital expenditure requests from town boards and departments to the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee. The capital program and recommendations become an integral part of the Finance Committee’s budget report to Town Meeting.

Ref: Bylaws, Ch. 2, Sect. 4.5