Apply For...

  1. Absentee Mail-In Ballot (PDF)

    Apply for your absentee mail-in ballot for an upcoming election.

  2. Dog License

    Access an application to obtain a license necessary to own a dog in Winchester.

  3. Jobs

    Apply for jobs in the Town of Winchester.

  4. Marriage License

    Discover how to apply for a marriage license in Winchester.

  5. One Day Alcoholic Beverage License (PDF)

    Locate the application for a one day alcoholic beverage license.

  6. Parking Permits

    Find information explaining how you can apply for a Town of Manchester Parking Permit.

  7. Transfer Station Permit

    Apply for a permit to be able to use the Winchester Transfer Station.

  8. Yard Sale, Estate Sale & Flea Market Permit

    Access the permit application needed to receive a permit allowing you to operate a yard sale, estate sale, or a flea market in Winchester.