Conservation Commission

About the Commission
Seven members are appointed by the town manager, with approval from the Board of Selectmen, to serve 3-year terms.

The commission has responsibility for the preservation of open space and implementation of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Winchester Wetlands Bylaw. It holds public hearing on projects that are in or near wetland resource areas.

Ref: Town Meeting, March 23, 1964, Arts. 34 and 35: M.G.L 40 ┬ž 8C

Checklist of Items for Notice of Intent Filings

This is a list of items required for all plans and forms.  Check off each item and return it with your Notice of Intent.

  1. General timetable for filing, hearings and appeals
  2. Notification to abutters under the Winchester Wetlands Bylaw and the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act
  3. Affidavit of Service Form
  4. Policies on the 25' bugger to Wetlands and Waterways
  5. Rules for hiring consultants under MGL Ch. 44, Sec 53G, effective as of August 9, 2005
  6. Tree replacement policy
  7. Wetland Protection Fees
  8. The Winchester Wetland Bylaw
  9. The NFIP Floodplain Management Requirements, including information on substantial improvements
  10. Engineering Department Policy on Project Reviews - the Engineering Department will not review documentation until fully complete.  They also require printed copies of all documentation and will not formally review electronic submissions.
  11. Riverfront Area Calculation Sheet
  12. Link to FEMA Elevation Certificate and Instructions 
Be sure to check the Winchester Wetlands Bylaw.