Design Review Committee

Design Review Committee Mission

To provide design review services to Town boards, committees or departments, including the Zoning Board, Planning Board, Engineering Department, and the Select Board.

Committee Goals

  • Support responsible development
  • Promote good design

About the Committee

  • The Committee reviews and advises on site improvements, visual design, and façade changes within the town;
  • The Committee makes recommendations on all sign permit applications transmitted to the Building Department; or sign applications requiring a variance from the ZBA.
  • The Committee assists the Department of Public Works in the implementation of visual improvements when requested by the Select Board.

Committee Membership

  • There are seven members. Members serve 3-year terms. They are appointed as follows:
    1. 2 by the Select Board
    2. 2 by the Town Moderator
    3. 3 by the Planning Board
  • The recommended backgrounds are:
    1. 1 shall have a plant material or horticultural background
    2. 1 shall have a visual-design background as an architect or landscape architect
    3. 1 shall represent a local business

Ref: Town Meeting, May 24, 1982, Art. 22, November 4, 1991, Art. 5, and November 17, 2003

The Sign Book

This informational guide has been developed as a result of collaborative efforts from numerous groups including the Design Review Committee, the Historical Commission and the Chamber of Commerce. We prepared The Sign Book in the hope that it will serve as a guide for property owners, businesses, sign makers, designers and members of the general public interested in signage within the Town of Winchester. This revision updates the references to the Town’s By-Laws.

The Sign Book (PDF)