Eversource Project

March 2, 2017

Energy Facilities Siting Board tentative decision regarding the 115kv line

September 13, 2016

Town of Winchester's Response to the Companies' and Board's information requests with accompanying affidavits and exhibits.

August 31, 2016

Dear Residents,

Attached hereto are the documents pertaining to the Town's case in opposition to the siting of the 345kV transmission line in Winchester.  A brief summary of the Town's position can be found in the document "TOWN OF WINCHESTER OPENING STATEMENT". 

The Energy Facilities Siting Board will continue its consideration of the case during the months of September and October.  We will update with information as it comes available. 
Information on Eversource Underground Line Projects

Open Letter from Eversource to the Town of Winchester

Comments and Concerns:

Please send any comments to the Board of Selectmen in writing.  You can send your comments via email to Town Manager's Office.