Rangeley Park Heritage District Commission

About the Commission

Each Heritage District Commission shallhave seven members. The members of the Heritage District Commission shall beclassified into three classes of as equal size as possible and appointedrespectively for staggered three-year terms, except that the appointments ofthe classes of initial members shall be for one-year, two-year, and three-yearterms respectively. 

Within 45 days after the effective date ofthe establishment of a Heritage District by the Town Meeting, the WinchesterPlanning Board shall appoint four members, the Winchester Historical Commissionshall designate two representatives to be members of the Heritage DistrictCommission, and the Winchester Design Review Committee shall designate onerepresentative to be a member of the Heritage District Commission for theHeritage District.

Of the members to be appointed by thePlanning Board, three members shall be owners of properties in the HeritageDistrict and a fourth member shall be a resident of Winchester who, ifpossible, has professional experience related to architectural or historicpreservation. If, after reasonable efforts to find such a candidate, a willingcandidate meeting the requirement for professional experience related toarchitectural or historic preservation cannot be identified, a candidate havingother relevant experience or qualifications may be considered and appointed.

Each member of a Heritage DistrictCommission shall serve until the end of his or her term and thereafter untilhis or her replacement is appointed. The term of a member of a HeritageDistrict Commission shall expire if and when the member (i) resigns, (ii) nolonger meets the qualifications associated with his or her seat, (iii) isremoved by a 2/3 vote of all of the sitting members of the appropriate Board orCommittee that appointed or designated the member, or (iv) fails to attendseven consecutive meetings of the Heritage District Commission.

When a member’s term expires, theappropriate Board or Committee (designated above), as the case may be, shallpromptly appoint or designate a replacement member who satisfies the samemembership requirements and belongs to the same class of members as the personbeing replaced.

At any meeting of a Heritage DistrictCommission, the presence of a majority of members shall be required for aquorum for the transaction of business. To be effective, a vote by the HeritageDistrict Commission on any matter, including a Certificate Decision, ViolationDetermination, or Non-Remediation Determination, shall require the vote of amajority of the members whose presence at the meeting constituted the quorum.Each Decision or Determination shall include a statement of the reasons for theDecision or Determination based on the applicable Review Standards andRegulations.

The Heritage District Commissions for twoor more Heritage Districts may include any number of the same members.