Snow and Ice Removal

Town of Winchester
Department of Public Works
General Plan for Snow Removal Operations

Before a storm: Depending on the weather forecast and current conditions, all trucks are prepared with plows, sand and/or salt.

During a storm, the primary goal is to keep roads passable for emergency vehicle access and public safety. Snow and ice storms may start off with sander/salter trucks scraping or chemically treating the roadways. There may be anywhere from two to six of these trucks on the road depending on the type and timing of the storm. After accumulation of three inches of snow, the DPW begins full-scale operation which consists of covering 27 plow routes with either Town vehicles or private contractors.

After a storm: Please be aware that it takes approximately four to six hours to complete snow removal operations even after the snow has stopped. Salting may continue as needed. Once the storm tapers off and more vehicles become available, the DPW then proceeds with plowing schools, parking lots, and train station lots. Plows will continue to clean and widen roadways and sidewalks. Please keep in mind it may take 24-48 hours after the storm to complete all sidewalks in Town, with the priority being school routes, the Town Center, and then the remainder of sidewalk routes. The last item of plowing is to push back the edges which widens the road and allows for future snow storage. We apologize for any snow this may place into driveways that may have already been cleared.

What you can do to help:

  • Clear hydrants and drains of snow.
  • Prepare your property for snow removal by keeping fences, mailboxes, basketball hoops, bike/skateboard ramps, etc. away from the edge of the road.*
  • Please do not park on the road.
  • Limit your travel if possible.
  • Please do not shovel, plow or blow snow back into the roadway. This is a public safety hazard which is illegal, and you may be subject to a fine.
  • Sand and salt is available to Winchester residents at the Transfer Station on McKay Avenue.

*The Town cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from snow removal operations to fences, mailboxes, basketball hoops, bike/skateboard ramps, etc. that are too close to the roadway. 

Please be patient. We make every effort to plow each road as quickly as possible; however, some roads are given priority due to public safety concerns and plow route patterns.

If you have any questions, please contact the Highway Division at 781-721-7106.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.