RENOWNED Residents

Winchester has been the home of many people who have won acclaim in their professional lives or participated with distinction in historic events. Below is a list of such individuals by category.

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Paul Collins
Rick Hauck


Blaikie Brothers
Allen Boone
Robert Coit
Jerome Bailey Foster
George Rand
F. Patterson Smith
Royal Barry Wills


William H. W. Bicknell
Edward A. Brackett
Adelaide Cole Chase
Ernest Dudley Chase
J. Foxcroft Cole
Eva D. Cowdery
Arthur Griffin
Caroline Murphy
H. D. Murphy
Annie Nowell
Dana Ripley Pond
Charles & Maurice Prendergast
Esther Mabel Baldwin Williams

Entertainment (Movies, Television, and the Theater)

Bette Davis
John Cazale
Louis and Richard de Rochmemont
Frank Fontaine
Thurston Hall
Priscilla Morrill
Dudley Murphy
Barry Newman
Sonny Tufts


Stevenson Corey
Philemon Wright


Elisha Bangs
George Fernald
Thomas Lawson
William E. Schrafft


Norman Albree
Andrew Alford
Leonard Bailey
Glenn H. Browning
Louis Goddu
George McFadden

Literature, Journalism, Publishing

Linda Barlow
Susan Cooper
Peter Dee
Thomas Dreier
Edwin Ginn
Andrew Comstock McKenzie
William S. Packer
Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant
William Stevens
Frank Trott
Lura Woodside Watkins
Charles Edgar Lewis Wingate


General John M. Corse
Capt. Jefferson Ford
Lt. Col. John Hanlon
Capt. William F. Spicer
Henry Knox Thatcher
Hezekiah Wyman


Emmons Hamlin
James C. Johnson
Handel Pond
Yo-Yo Ma
Joshua Phippen
Richard Stoltzman

Politics, Law, & Government

Samuel Elder
Edward Everett
Samuel Walker McCall
Frederick O. Prince
John A. Volpe

Science & Mathematics

Allan Cormack
Scudder Klyce
Joel Metcalf
Richard Schrock
Claude Shannon
Karl von Terzaghi
Frances Williams


Joe Bellino
Bob Bigelow
Horace Hills Ford
Robbie Robinson
Branch Russell
Ed Sanford
Irving Small
Gordon Smith
Vinson Owen family