2023 Town Census

Annual census forms will be mailed to residents after the Special Town Election.   The Census will be postmarked on January 13, 2023.  All households are required to respond to the mailing within 30 days of receipt. State law requires that every community conduct a census during the month of January, and the Town of Winchester takes this opportunity to send permit applications for the transfer station to every household that would like to take their refuse to the transfer station facility on McKay Ave. We are additionally including the Dog License application for our Dog Owners in Town. You may mail back dog licenses or register online by scanning the new QR codes on the flyers.

In accordance with State Law, the census is conducted annually in every city and town in Massachusetts.  The information gathered is used to maintain a current voting list and to provide population and other information to various town departments. Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence, protects voting rights, veteran’s bonus, housing for the elderly and related benefits as well as provides information for the selection of jurors. Should you be concerned about address confidentiality you may contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth at https://www.sec.state.ma.us/acp/acpabtidx.htm to learn if you qualify for this program.

Note:  The census form doesn’t register you to vote.  If you are interested to register to vote you may now go to http://www.registertovotema.com and register to vote online.  This opportunity is fast and convenient.  The Town Clerk’s Office will send you a registration confirmation letter in the mail to confirm that your online application was accurately received and processed.

The Town Clerk’s Office will conduct the Annual Town Election on Saturday March 18, 2023. All elections for the Town will be held at Winchester High School Gymnasium for all eight precincts. 

The census mailing will include a permit application for the Town’s transfer station.   Transfer station fees for the regular permits are $292.00 for the first vehicle in a household (which includes a $22.00 capital improvement surcharge for each household purchasing a transfer station permit), subsequent vehicles are $20.00 in the same household. Residents residing in a multi-family (2 family units or more) residences must purchase separate permits for each household unit. Residents with income eligibility for fuel assistance may apply for a low-income permit at the Health Department at Town Hall.

You may purchase these permits and licenses online www.winchester.us or return envelopes will be provided and forms must be mailed back to the Town Clerk’s Office 71 Mt. Vernon St, Winchester, MA   01890.  The mailing will include QR Codes for you to easily purchase online.   Grey Drop Boxes are available 24 hrs. for those residents who do not wish to use the USPS.  Your current 2022 permit expires on December 31, 2022; however, it will be valid until March 1, 2023, to allow time for staff to process nearly 6,500 household permits. For more information residents may contact the Office of the Town Clerk at 721-7130 press #1 or email townclerk@winchester.us Please do your part and file today.

Thank You, MaryEllen Lannon, CMC Winchester Town Clerk.