Information for Multi-Unit Housing

To protect you and the residents and staff in your building from COVID-19/Coronavirus, please follow these guidelines: (Click here for printable version)

Personal Protection

Social Distancing: Maintain 6 feet of space between yourself and others and avoid crowded areas.  

  • Only use elevators with others who you live with. 
  • Social distancing includes eliminating unnecessary trips and staying home when possible.
  • For common spaces (i.e. laundry and mail rooms), do not use them unless they are empty or you can maintain proper social distancing from others. 
  • Consider getting your groceries and other necessary supplies delivered.  If necessary to take group transportation, limit outings as much as possible.

Personal Hygiene:  DO NOT leave your unit if sick.  Wash or sanitize hands frequently and avoid commonly touched surfaces when possible (for example push door buzzer or elevator button with elbow).  Clean frequently touched services in your unit.      

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Wear face covering when leaving your unit.  Please make sure to throw out disposable gloves or masks in a trash receptacle.

Mail and Packages: Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling.

Take out and food delivery: Pay online or via phone (including any tip) when you order if possible.  Accept deliveries without in-person contact whenever possible. If food can not be left in a safe spot, stay at least 6 feet away from the delivery person.

Restricting Visitors

  • The only visitors permitted should be those that ensure critical nutritional and medical services and assistance with activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, dressing, eating and toileting)
  • The “Essential Visitors” may include personal care attendants, “meals on wheels” programs, and family members serving as caregivers providing such nutritional and medical services.
  • If Service Provider does not fall in these categories, please obtain approval for entrance from building owner/manager 
  • Where possible, obtain essential services without having visitors physically enter the building (for example, having food, meals or medicines dropped off in the lobby and delivered to residents’ unit by owner/manager staff rather than by visitors)
  • Residents are encouraged to maintain contact with family members who provide emotional support via phone and online technology.  If physically able, meet visitors outside, provided that they can maintain appropriate social distance of at least 6 feet.
  • Visitor sign-in logs should be utilized to enable future contact tracing for COVID-19 if necessary

Safe Usage of Common Areas including Laundry Room

  • Do not use non-essential community spaces (gyms, pools, shared kitchen/party rooms, etc).
  • Only use essential common spaces (e.g. laundry room) when empty or can maintain proper social distancing from others; disinfect frequently touched surfaces before and after use.

Some Laundry tips:

  • Use warmest appropriate water temperature and dry completely
  • Sort your dirty laundry at home before heading to the laundry room, and fold clean laundry at home to minimize your contact with the laundry room’s surfaces. You want to be in and out of the room as fast as you can.
  • Be aware of what you and your clothing touch, and don’t bring your hand near your face until you’ve washed your hands after you’re done.
  • Wipe down surfaces you’re likely to touch as you go, like buttons, door handles, change, machine handles and doors. You should also wipe down these places after you’re finished to leave it clean for the next person.

Additional guidance can be found here:

Disclosing COVID-19 Information on Residents

Due to privacy laws, medical or personal information about an individual cannot be released or discussed. Please know that any resident who tests positive for COVID-19, including close contacts who may be quarantined, are followed closely by your local health department. The Health Department will advise them on what they can and cannot do during this time. While sensitive information will not be shared, your best protection is to follow the guidance in this document.  You will be notified by your local Health Department if you need to take any additional precautionary measures.

If you or a family member suspect you might have COVID-19: you can use this Buoy Health COVID-19 Website, which will provide screening based on a series of questions and connect you to a health care provider via telehealth.

Additional Resources