Open Enrollment 2020

May 11-22, 2020

Please contact Human Resources (781-721-7157) with questions or follow the instructions in the Open Enrollment memo to enroll/change plans with the Benefits Coordinator.
Note: If you are not making chances to your plan(s), you do not need to take any action.

Open Enrollment for Active Benefits Eligible Employees

Open Enrollment Memo 2020

Insurance Rates Active Employees FY21 Starting July 1, 2020

Health Insurance - Harvard Pilgrim:

HMO Plan Summary

New HMO Focus Plan Information

PPO Plan Summary

Harvard Pilgrim Enrollment Form

Dental Insurance - Delta Dental: 

Premier Plan Summary

PPO Plus Premier Plan Summary

Delta Dental Enrollment Form

Open Enrollment for Non Medicare Retirees

Open Enrollment Non Medicare Retiree Memo

Insurance Rates Retirees FY21 Starting July 1, 2019