CDBG Microenterprise

The Town of Winchester received a $140,000 grant through a regional CDBG Microenterprise program administered though the Dept of Housing and Community Development. The purpose of the grant is to help stabilize microbusinesses (5 or fewer employees) that have been negatively impacted by the crisis and are in danger of going out of business. An online application can be found here. The deadline to apply is September 25, 2020

9/23/2020 Update: The Microenterprise grant round 1 will still finish this Friday 9/25. However, many municipalities involved with the grant have shown great interest in doing a round 2 with different criteria. Please be on the lookout of Round 2 hopefully coming out by next Friday, October 2nd. The aim is reopen the grant for a round 2 starting 10/2/20 and ending 10/23/20. We have successfully lobbied the state to allow the projected 2020 tax year to be the basis of the income qualification for the grant. This is great news. The state is developing the forms necessary to determine projected 2020 income, which will allow more people to get this air. Please look back to this webpage for more information on or before October 2, 2020, good luck!


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