covid-19 Testing

Testing Coming to Winchester


Saturday March 6th 9-11am

Wednesday March 10th 3-5pm

You need a Project Beacon ACCOUNT and a Town of Winchester PROFILE on your Project Beacon account to schedule a test at Town Hall.

  • If already have a Project Beacon Account and have added a Town of Winchester profile: go to and select your Town of Winchester profile to sign up for our Town Hall clinic

HELPFUL HINT: Once you have created your Town Of Winchester Project Beacon account, check the dashboard at the top of the Project Beacon website.  You should see your new Winchester account there (and if you already had a Project Beacon account, you will now see TWO accounts listed).  Use the Town Of Winchester one for all Winchester testing clinics.  

NOTE: This is for Winchester Residents and Town Employees only - bring your license or employee ID.  There will initially be no cost.  At future clinics there will be a fee per test in order to recoup money for the Town (waived in hardship cases).  


Before going to any testing site check their website or call ahead to determine the type of test they are offering, your cost and the results turnaround time (which can vary depending on the local and national testing demand at that point in time).