Covid-19 Vaccine

Updated as of May 11, 2023:

CDC, Up to Date Covid-19 Vaccine recommendations:  Click Here


The CDC updated their Covid-19 Vaccine recommendations:

  • Individuals ages 6 years and older are recommended to get one updated (Bivalent) Booster dose, regardless of whether they have completed a primary series of vaccines.

  • If someone ages 6 years or older has never gotten a Covid-19 Vaccine, they now only need to get ONE updated (Bivalent) dose.

  • Adults ages 65 years and older can now get one additional Bivalent dose, if it has been at least four months since their previous Bivalent dose.

  • Those ages 65 and older may call the Health Department at 781-721-7121 to register for an additional Bivalent booster.

Read more details from the CDC here: Click Here

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In-Home Vaccination for Homebound:

Individuals who live in Winchester can contact the Winchester Health Department for an in-home appointment at 781-721-7121 or (while supplies last)   

OR, call State Line:                                                                                                                                     Individuals can call (833) 983-0485. The registration phone line is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and has representatives who speak English and Spanish, as well as translation services available in 100+ languages.  More information can be found here.