All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update

All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update

The Town of Winchester is in the process of updating our All Hazards Mitigation Plan (AHMP) in accordance with FEMA and MEMA requirements.  Our previous plan was approved in 2016, and updates are required every 5 years. Winchester’s current AHMP can be found online at the following link. 

What is a Hazards Mitigation Plan? 

A Hazard Mitigation Plan is a document developed by a community and approved by FEMA.  It identifies local policies and actions that can be implemented over the long term to reduce risk and future losses from hazards. These mitigation policies and actions are identified based on an assessment of hazards vulnerabilities and risks

AHMPUpdate Process


Public Input

A public working group meeting has been scheduled for April 8th at 9:30am. The meeting will be held remotely. Those interested in participating can register remotely using the following link:

Winchester will finalize the updated plan by May at which point it will be submitted to FEMA and MEMA for review.  


Please feel free to participate in the following survey.  The survey will take about a minute to complete.  All results are confidential.  

Winchester All Hazards Mitigation Plan Survey