Sustainability Department

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Welcome to the Town of Winchester's Sustainability Department

Our Town has long been a leader in environmental sustainability, and we have ambitious plans for the future. Winchester is committed to reducing the carbon pollution responsible for climate change by at least 80 percent by 2050 (download the Climate Action Plan here). We are also committed to preparing for the impacts of climate change to keep our community resilient. Want to help? This site is intended to provide you the information you need to help reduce your environmental impact at home, at work, and when traveling.

Whether you know a little or a lot about climate change - its causes and solutions - this site is designed to help you. The menu items at left provide a range of information, tips and tools. Don't know where to start? We recommend you begin with the top menu item, "Helping Solve the Climate Crisis: Winchester's Approach" and then work your way down the menu.

If you want more information or would like to get more involved in community sustainability efforts, we recommend you click on the "Sustainability in Our Community: Boards and Committees" menu item. That page contains a list of Town boards and committees that work on a variety of sustainability issue areas. You can also contact Winchester's Sustainability Director, Ken Pruitt (contact information at right). Finally, if you would like to receive the Sustainability Department's monthly(ish) newsletter, you can sign up here. Past issues of Winchester Sustainability News can be viewed here.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Request for Proposals

The Town of Winchester is seeking proposals for the sale of two direct current fast electric vehicle charging stations and their operation and maintenance. For more information, go to the Electric Vehicle Charging Station RFP page on this website.