Green Your Electricity with WinPower

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You Can Choose 100% Renewable Electricity

The electricity you use can either be generated by burning fossil fuels, which worsen climate change, or from renewable sources like wind and solar, which do not worsen climate change. Since 2017 the Town of Winchester has offered its own green electricity program called WinPower.  If you've heard enough and are ready to sign up for 100% renewable electricity, click here to Sign up for WinPower 100.

WinPower is offered by the Town to provide more electricity supply options and more renewable energy to Winchester residents and businesses. WinPower, does not replace Eversource, the electric utility in Winchester, which continues to deliver electricity, repair outages and manage all electricity billing. What WinPower does do is change your electricity supply, to sources generated with more renewable power like wind and solar. Every residential electricity customer is automatically enrolled in WinPower at the basic level, but customers can opt-out of the program (few have).

Customers enrolled in WinPower automatically receive 10% more renewable electricity than the 20% minimum required by state law (so, 30% total in 2022). For just 2.7 cents more per kilowatt hour (kWh), you can opt-up to 100% renewable electricity for your home!

Sign up for WinPower 100!
The WinPower 100 option includes 100% local renewable electricity. WinPower 100 helps support and grow clean energy infrastructure in the Commonwealth while massively reducing carbon emissions associated with power generation, the single largest human source of such emissions.

To see all WinPower electricity options, including how to opt-up to 100% renewable electricity, visit the WinPower website here.