Sustainable Transportation

EV Charging at WHS 2_TrimarchiAn electric vehicle charging at Winchester High School. Photo courtesy Ruth Trimarchi.

The ways we choose to get around can have a major impact on the environment. In Winchester, vehicles powered by fossil fuels cause more carbon pollution than any other source except heating and cooling buildings - 36 percent of Winchester's greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, overwhelmingly from passenger cars, trucks and SUVs.

By contrast, walking and bicycling are pollution-free (not to mention fun and good for your health). Public transportation like buses and trains results in far lower carbon pollution per rider than single-occupancy vehicles do. And driving an electric vehicle (EV) like the one shown above causes far less carbon pollution than driving a gasoline-powered vehicle. What's more, by driving an EV charged at a home powered by 100% clean electricity (sign up for Winchester's WinPower 100 program), you can reduce your transportation carbon pollution to zero.

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