Transfer Station Construction

Why is there construction at the Transfer Station?

  • Operational and equipment deficiencies and layout issues both leading to safety concerns
  • Critical capital improvements  necessary for continued operations

What are the improvements being made?

  • Improvements to tipping building and conveyor belt
  • Upgrades to electrical system
  • Demolition and abatement of incinerator building
  • Remediation of pollution caused by incinerator building
  • Creation of dedicated employee office and restrooms
  • Improvements to the recycling and food waste areas
  • Improvements to general site layout for improved traffic circulation and increased efficiencies to meet future DEP requirements.
  • License plate reader system to capture fraud and lost revenue

What is the current recycling situation?

  • Cost to recycle rose 78% from FY20 to FY21. Average cost in past three years was $44. 
  • SMART pilot program no longer effective or cost-efficient.
  • Having one area for solid waste improves efficiency of operations going forward with improvements.
  • Can review SMART at a later date upon completion of improvements.
  • Eliminate SMART program January 1, 2022.

Construction Update

  • Construction is ongoing.  
  • Anticipated completion date 2023.
  • Facility is fully operational during construction.
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