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Aug 18

August 2014 - Town Center Parking

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 1:31 PM by Jennifer Cafarella

For several years now Town officials have been implementing a series of parking changes designed to organize the available inventory of off-street and on-street parking in and around Town Center.  There are several core objectives associated with this effort, namely:

  1. To provide free and convenient short-term parking (and reasonably priced longer term parking) for customers, clients and visitors of the Town Center business area.
  2. To provide nearby off-street parking for Town Center business employees.
  3. To provide affordable commuter rail parking for Town residents in and around the Town’s two commuter rail stops.

Most recently, the Board of Selectmen passed new parking regulations for the “Central Business District” (Town Center area) as depicted on the map attached.  There are two major components to these new which shoppers and visitors will find being implemented over the coming weeks and months.

First, within all of the on-street spaces outlined in red on the plan on Main, Mt. Vernon, Thompson, Church, Vine and Park Streets, and Waterfield and Shore Roads, the time limit will change to “one hour”.  Dispersed throughout these streets will be “30 minute” parking spots which are designated in the light blue areas.

Secondly, parking pay stations will be installed in three areas: the top of the Aberjona parking lot off of Waterfield Road, consisting of 26 parking spaces, the Laraway Road parking area adjacent to the Town Common and commuter rail area consisting of 31 spaces, and the Cullen parking lot off of Shore Road consisting of 31 spaces.  Parking in these locations will be for unlimited time at $1.00 per hour in order to allow for dependable and nearby long term parking for those who desire it. 

These changes have been adopted with feedback and comments from the Winchester Chamber of Commerce.  The changes will be gradual and with the understanding that courtesy notices will be given from the parking enforcement personnel in order to allow the parking public to adjust to the changes.

We hope you will find these changes to be beneficial to your use of the Town Center area.  Please be sure to send your comments to   Town officials want to keep Town Center as enjoyable and vibrant place for businesses and for visitors.  The Board of Selectmen will keep an eye on the changes and will be reviewing them in order to ensure that the designed results are achieved.  We will keep you posted on our progress.