Am I entitled to an abatement?
If an owner of a motor vehicle thinks that he/she is entitled to an adjustment of his/her excise bill, it is strongly recommended that he/she:

Please note, if excise tax bills are unpaid, an owner risks incurring late fees and penalties that are non-refundable or waived.

Abatements can be filed if:
  • The owner believes the assessment is incorrect, or
  • If the vehicle was stolen, or
  • If the vehicle was sold during the year in which it is being taxed and the registration was properly cancelled, or
  • If the owner moved from the Town of Winchester to another city or town, or
  • If the registration is cancelled, it is most important to return the plate(s) to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and to obtain a return plate receipt

When an abatement is granted, excise bills are prorated by the month. Thus the owner is responsible for the excise accrued through the month in which the car was last registered to him/her.

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