What is the Community Service Reimbursement Program?

This program has been set up by the town and is run by the COA. For seniors 60 years or older who own their own home and are income eligible, jobs are available in the schools, library, and Town Hall. For doing 125 hours of community service a year, the senior receives $1,500 off their property tax. This is a program which accepts middle-income seniors.

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1. What is the difference between the Winchester Seniors Association (WSA) and the Council on Aging (COA)?
2. What does the COA charge for its services and programs?
3. What kind of transportation is available for seniors?
4. Do you provide nursing, home health, and homemaker services?
5. Can you help with health insurance problems?
6. What is the Community Service Reimbursement Program?
7. Can you help with housing problems and handyman problems?
8. Do you have support groups available?
9. What kinds of educational programs do you offer?