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Health Department

  1. Application to Operate Food Retail at Farmer's Market - TCS Vendor
  2. Asbestos Removal Permit Application
  3. Demolition Sign-Off Checklist

    In order for the Health Dept. to sign the demolition application, the following items below must be addressed in order to be protective... More…

  4. Food Establishment Permit Application
  5. Mobile Food Permit Application
  6. TOWN DAY Temporary Food Concession Permit Application

    Permit Fee $50

  7. Transfer Station Permit - Commercial Hauler Application

    Commercial Hauler Fees: $300 First Commercial Permit, $225 Each Additional Permit.

  8. Well Permit Application (Non-Potable Only)

    Pursuant to Chapter 111, Section 31 of the General Laws and Rules & Regulations of the Winchester Board of Health.

  1. Application To Place Fill

    In accordance with the provisions promulgated under the authority of Chapter 111, Sec. 31 of the MA General Laws, an application for a... More…

  2. Catering Permit Application

    Permit Fee $35

  3. Fixed Commercial Dumpster Permit Application

    Application is hereby made for a permit to maintain a dumpster on property. (Pursuant to Section 31A, Chapter 111 of the General Laws... More…

  4. Keeping of Animals Permit Application
  5. Temporary Dumpster Permit Application
  6. Transfer Station Permit - Commercial Business Application

    Commercial Business Fees: $292 Each Commercial Permit

  7. Transfer Station Permit - Residential Low Income Application

    Eligibility is based on gross income. Proof of gross income (all sources) must be provided before a permit can be processed. ... More…

Health Department *NEW*

  1. COVID-19 Related Question or Concern
  1. Keeping of chickens: PERMIT RENEWAL APPLICATION

    FOR PERMIT RENEWAL APPLICATIONS ONLY. In order to fill out you must have completed your initial paper application in a previous year... More…

Human Resources

  2. Vacation Carry-Over Request 2019 Print

    Form for requesting vacation time carry-over to 2020.

  1. Vacation Carry-Over Request 2019

    Form for requesting vacation time carry-over to 2020.

Town Clerk

  1. Release of public contact information

    Public information release