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Mobile Food Permit Application

  1. Street Address, Town/City, State & Zip Code
  2. Home Phone #
  3. You must submit a copy of the food service permit you have from the Town/City of your base operation. You can upload document below, email them to or mail to Health Dept, 71 Mt. Vernon St, Winchester MA 01890
  4. List all products that will be offered
  6. Mobile Food Operations.
    1. Mobile food operations shall comply with the requirements of the federal 1999 Food Code and other applicable provisions of 105 CMR 590.000 except as otherwise provided in 105 CMR 590.000(B). The board of health may impose additional requirements and restrictions to protect against health hazards related to the conduct of the mobile food operation and may prohibit sale of some or all potentially hazardous foods.
  7. 2. Mobile food operations not equipped with an adequate water and waste system to facilitate handwashing and the cleaning and sanitizing of utensils shall be limited to the preparation and service of frankfurters and non-potentially hazardous foods and to the sale of pre-packaged food prepare at a food processing establishment licensed in accordance with 105 CMR 500.000, except that pre-packaged food may be prepared by the mobile food operator at a licensed food establishment for which he or she holds a permit in accordance with 105 CMR 590.000.
  8. 3. Mobile food operations equipped with an adequate water and waste system to facilitate handwashing and the cleaning and sanitizing of utensils may prepare potentially hazardous foods requiring limited preparation for immediate service, provided that any advanced food preparation, if necessary, is conducted by the mobile operator in a licensed food establishment.
  9. 4. Mobile food operations shall provide only single-service articles for use by the consumer.
  10. 5. Condiments, cream and sugar shall be served only from a sanitary dispenser or in individually wrapped servings.
  11. 6. Mechanical refrigeration or insulated containers with ice or gel packs must be used to maintain product temperature for per-packaged, ready-to-eat foods which are required to be held at or below 45° F (7°C) or 41° F (5° C). The storage of packaged food in contact with water or undrained ice is prohibited. Wrapped ready-to-eat foods such as sandwiches shall not be stored in direct contact with ice. Effective July 1 2005, all mobile food operations selling or distributing ready-to-eat PHFs must be equipped with mechanical refrigeration that can maintain PHFs at or below 41°F (5° C).
  12. 7. Bulk food shall not be used unless purchased from an approved source. Bulk PHFs, with the exception of frozen deserts, must be sold or served on the same day as purchased. All hot food shall be discarded if not used or sold by the end of the day.
  13. 8. A convenient hand-washing facility must be available on site for employee hand-washing whenever handling unpackaged foods. This facility shall consist of a t least sufficient warm running water, soap and individual paper towels. The board of health may approve the sue of chemically treated towelettes in lieu of hand-washing facilities in only frankfurters, non-potentially hazardous foods and non-perishable foods are served and there is no bare-hand contact. Chemically treated towelettes must be made available for use by customers in self-service operations.
  14. 9. A sign shall be provided at consumer self-service operations, which states that the use of bare hands by consumers for self-service is prohibited by State Law.
  15. 10. Equipment: a. Equipment shall be located and installed in a way that prevents food contamination and that also facilitates cleaning the equipment and establishment; b. Food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be protected from contamination by consumers and other contaminating agents. Effective shields for such equipment shall be provided, as necessary, to prevent contamination. Mobile food operations, which cook or reheat unpackaged food for hot holding shall be fully enclosed unless equipped with air curtains to prevent the contamination of food and food contact surfaces with environmental contaminants; c. Ware-washing facilities, when required, shall be available in accordance with the FC for cleaning in-use utensils and food contact surfaces.
  16. 11. Operators of mobile food operations shall obtain the use of adequate and suitable toilet facilities where hand washing facilities are available.
  17. 12. Mobile food operations shall operate from a fixed, licensed food establishment or food processing plant and shall report at least daily to such locations for all food, water, and supplies and for all cleaning and servicing operations. Mobile food operations shall retain the list of ingredients and the receipt for all bulk foods, which must indicate the name of the food item, the date purchased and the name of the approved food source licensed in accordance with 105 CMR 590.009.
  18. 13. Servicing areas shall be provided with overhead protection except that areas used only for the loading of water, packaged food or the discharge of sewage and other liquid waste, through the use of a closed system of hoses, need not be provided with overhead protection.
  19. 14. Mobile food operations shall have identification, i.e., person's name and/or business name, city and telephone umber in letters not smaller than three inches, on the left and right door panels of the vehicle or on the left and right sides of the trailer or pushcart.
  20. I have reviewed the Mobile Food Permit Requirements, 105 CMR 590.009: Special Requirements as outlined above. I, the undersigned, attest to the accuracy of the information provided in this application and I affirm that the mobile food operation will comply with 105 CMR 590.000 and all other applicable laws.
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  22. Payment Options
    Payment can be made online by clicking the link below, or mailing a check payable to "Town of Winchester," to: Health Dept., 71 Mt. Vernon St, Winchester MA 01890
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